A rectangle is 9 ft long and 40 in. wide. What is its area in square feet? (Note: 1 ft = 12 in.)30 ft236 ft298 ft2360 ft2

Accepted Solution

Answer: first optionStep-by-step explanation: Let's make the following conversion: 40 inches to feet (Knowing that 1 feet=12 inches): [tex](40in)(\frac{1ft}{12in})=3.333ft[/tex] The formula for calculate the are of Β a rectangle is: [tex]A=l*w[/tex] Where l is the lenght and w is the width. Therefore, when you substitute values, you obtain the following result: [tex]l=9ft\\w=3.33ft\\\\A=(9ft)(3.333ft)\\A=30ft[/tex]